Our Philosophy & Projects

Tanate Sustainable Development has been working for the last 10 years with the Zutshwa community on KD2 wildlife and ecosystem conservation as well as on community development projects.

Tanate Sustainable Development is proposing a global approach and a partnership to the Zutshwa community.

We are developing, side by side with the community and the local government structures, a long term and sustainable develoment plan, for the Community benefit, on Wildlife & Ecosystem Conservation, Tourism Development and Community Development.

Our goal is to empower the community and improve its livelyhood, push up local skills improvement by bringing training and employment opportunites as well as working on traditional knowledge conservation which is one of the key to associate the Zutshwa Community to its development, Tourism development and Wildlife conservation.

Our past, on-going and future projects :

Tourism Development on KD2 Wildlife Management Area

  • We funded in 2014 the creation of the Zutshwa Stopover, a guest house which benefits are 100% transferred to the community. We are ensuring the Guest House management for Zutshwa Community, employing 2 managers and funding all the operational costs. Learn more on www.zutshwa.com
  • We have created wilderness trails and wild camp site locations in KD2 as well as a self pay station for self-drivers in Zutshwa village. All benefits are transferred to community and we are assuming all maintenance and operation costs.
  • We had the first Botswana mobile safari operators coming to KD2 with their clients and we ensure the logistic coordination as well as the training and employement of Zutshwa people.

Wildlife and Ecosytem Conservation

  • Several wildlife monitoring actions, especially spurs surveys which are allowing to use local trackers skills, have been funded along the years.
  • A Camel farm and Ecopatrols on camels are of part of our key projects for the years to come. They will be key actors of wildlife monitoring and tourism control.
  • Several on the field actions and collaborations with local NGO will participate in KD2 wildlife and ecosystem conservation.

Community Development

2021 Actions :

  • Rain harvest project to increase community rain water harvesting and storage capacity
  • Solar kit project to offer to each Zutshwa compound a solar kit

2022/2023 Actions :

  • Camel Farm and Camelback Ecopatrols development for wildlife monitoring and conservation in KD2